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I got my blog published! I am so excited now. I have been writing on my local machine the last two posts, and after that I got busy in something or the other and my blog was getting less attention from me. But no more! I took some time out of my family and work commitments and finally published it.

So, now may be a good time to tell you the intent behind it.

A blog of my experiences

This will be a plain old simple blog of my experiences. I am a developer and love to use tools and technologies to ease my work and also, just to checkout something cool that people have built. This blog would be the share point of my experiences with software tools and products that I come by.

I love reading about Open-Source products, and revolutionizing technologies, like the AT protocol, or the radicle tool for repository management, or even Zola to create this blog. I love to interact with these tools and those interactions would eventually find their way here.

Every now and then, we come across certain situations which help us understand life better. To find clarity about something. That clarity, about however small an aspect it might be, brings with it a certain sense of joy! And those experiences will, occasionally find their way here too!

A blog of my experiences! Nothing more, nothing less!

No tracking, no paywall, no Ads!

This blog won't be something that I would ever need to sell! I am not doing this for a passive income either. This is just my voice and no one else's. And I would not want an ad to popup in my voice! Ads add clutter, and I prefer clean, concise posts!

As it goes, I am not a fan of Paywall in articles. Sell a book, a course, but leave individual articles open for everyone to read! They are not that good anyway (this comment is just for my own posts though!)

I don't need to track people coming to my blog site! There are no tracking cookies, no Google Analytics. The articles would not even have a share link!

Simple communication, no messy comment threads

This blog aims to be simple. There are no like counters, no comment threads. Heck you can even use the feed url and you can read all articles in your favorite feed reader!

You can connect with me on my social media handles. I am currently on Twitter but I am trying out Bluesky too and might soon port there. You can also find me on my LinkedIn profile

I would be adding a contact form here on the site itself, but until then, I would love any feedback / suggestions on the social media sites itself.


Sometime back I found Yosse Kreinin through one of his articles on management and the process of valuing people's work. It's a gread read.

There are many more who write blogs this way, João Antunes's blog, Steve Yegge's blog, Rachel Kroll's blog and many more. These people and the articles they post inspired me to write my own blog.

I wish to be like them!

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